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Practise kindness, good will follow.

Vietnamese Proverb

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So back home (adopted) in Saigon for my last weekend in Vietnam. Man, it has flown by, but being back in New Zealand seems so long ago.
Looking for another quick city tour, I sorted more motorbike drivers. It really is the best, quickest and easiest way to see or go anywhere in this country. How interesting it was to see the new development areas of the city. The contrast between the rich and poor living almost as neighbours is incredible. P1060514.jpglarge_P1060515.jpgP1060524.jpgP1060528.jpgP1060530.jpgP1060505.jpg

Saturday was the day of farewells, with my host family and another amazing feast for lunch. large_P1060532.jpglarge_P1060533.jpglarge_P1060534.jpg

That night was the Christmas celebration /my farewell with the internship (adult class I ended up working with). Great memories with great people and an awesome way to get in the Christmas festive spirit. Check out my spirit- wearing the hat.

Among my photos I found one which proves I actually did some work over there. P1060039.jpglarge_1521966_14..206945059_n.jpg

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Never forget benefits done to you, no matter how small

Vietnamese Proverb

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Here are the pictures of my adventures last week.
In Hanoi:
The city centre and lake, it looks pretty gloomy with the weather. The pagoda at Hoan Kiem Lake and their connection to the turtle.
A visit to Hanoi must include visiting the Ho Chi Minh Complex where the leaders body lays inside the temple and is able to be visited in the mornings only. A pretty strange experience.
While in the crazy city among what we visited was the Hoa Lo prison famous for holding both Vietnamese and American prisoners throughout the years, the water puppet show and the local night market before the two days were up and it was back on the road.

Next stop was Halong Bay, world heritage site and recently named one of the new seven wonders of the world. 2 day/1 night cruise in the bay on a small junk boat. It was a pity it is the middle of winter here and experiences some wetter weather.
The caves, floating village and pearl farms were so impressive as was the amazing food we were served on the boat.

Onwards to Hoi An, a quant little riverside village. Although it is becoming very touristy, it is still holding its traditional colour. It does make for some beautiful photos. P1060301.jpgP1060366.jpglarge_P1060367.jpgP1060397.jpgP1060399.jpgP1060402.jpgP1060404.jpgP1060407.jpg

The cooking class and market tour here was a well spent few days. P1060303.jpgP1060304.jpgP1060310.jpgP1060311.jpgP1060318.jpgP1060323.jpgP1060327.jpgP1060329.jpgP1060331.jpgP1060332.jpgP1060333.jpgP1060334.jpgP1060335.jpgP1060336.jpgP1060338.jpgP1060339.jpgP1060340.jpgP1060341.jpgP1060342.jpgP1060349.jpglarge_P1060360.jpglarge_P1060361.jpglarge_P1060362.jpg

It is hard to imagine not shopping at supermarkets, but at least it is reliably fresh.

The day trip up to Danang with the Easy Riders (motorbike taxi drivers) along the white sand coastline made for a very unique adventure. P1060431.jpglarge_P1060433.jpgP1060421.jpg
In the photos of the beach, spot the white statue of the lady Buddha in the distance. One impressive Pagoda. P1060447.jpglarge_P1060448.jpglarge_P1060450.jpgP1060452.jpgP1060454.jpglarge_P1060455.jpg
My favourite- the fat laughing Buddha. He looks very happy.
The Marble Mountains was an interesting stop. Pagodas spread through mountains inside caves. P1060467.jpgP1060471.jpgP1060477.jpgP1060481.jpgP1060482.jpgP1060493.jpg

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Making my way downtown, walking fast, then I'm homebound

Just a quick update

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As of last Thursday (12th December) I taught my last class in Saigon and finished up my volunteering project AIESEC Hope for Children) and my internship work I ended up doing for an English school teaching many night classes to adult students covering practical use of English such as everyday speaking and listening.
Since then I have been visiting other areas of Vietnam. I have ticked off Hanoi, Halong Bay, Da Nang and Hoi An from both north and Central Vietnam. I have added many more great memories and stories of my time here and will get photos up when I have access. Or back in NZ.

I am feeling quite mixed emotions knowing that tomorrow I am returning to Saigon (my home) for the weekend before leaving Vietnam on Sunday night for 24 hours flying back through to New Plymouth the following night.

I am looking forward to my own bed, the quiet, using my eftpos card and relaxing my sense of personal security. Oh the joys of travel. If only the funds meant I could stay for another 6 weeks. So much left to see.

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Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times...

If one only remembers to turns on the light~ A. Dumbledore (J.K.Rowling)

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A dear friend of mine in Vietnam took me to visit a local area in Ho Chi Minh City which is known for their strong Catholic faith. Being mid-December it also means their Christmas celebrations are in full speed and they impressively have got street after street lined with decorations.

Enjoy some Vietnamese festivities.

Even though generally the culture here follows Buddhism, they do take their Christmas decorations very seriously. They do not have a holiday on the 25th and Christmas Day is just another one at work followed by a family gathering in the evening if they are even to celebrate it.

Some you special ones go, (requested postcards), proof that I did send them, whether or not they get there though...P1050621.jpgP1050622.jpgP1050623.jpgP1050625.jpgP1050626.jpg
The Saigon Post Office is very grand in comparison to the Opunake Lotto and Post Shop, it seems strange to be sending something from there.

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Strength: a river cuts through a rock...

not because of its power but its persistance.

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Last weekend I squeezed in a trip to the Mekong before my last week here in Saigon :(
It was fantastic. The first day we visited the river nearby Cai Be visiting four islands by boat which are inhabited and saw how the locals lived being isolated by water. Being on the boats itself was great fun to explore by especially the small ones. It felt like it was going to tip in the canal.
The photos are pretty self explanatory so I will write very little.

In the afternoon we headed off to Vinh Long and then onto Can Tho to stay. Can Tho is the capital city of the Vietnamese Mekong Delta and has over 1 million inhabitants.
Was a nice, peaceful change to the racing city I have been living in. It felt like a holiday.

The Cai Be floating markets are the largest of the kind in the Mekong and in our visit saw the boats selling their products. The majority of it is bulk sales, so you have to buy a certain limit like for example 50kg of the fruits.

But we were looked after by our own sellers who offered a great selection to us in our boat by attaching themselves to us, even Pho (noodle soup) was served and the sellers would wait to collect the ceramic plates.
I loved the pineapple boat, freshly cut in front of you. Something I must learn to do.
And it was suppppper hot there. Worse than a normal day in Saigon.

Browse the many photos. :) They are in my photo album, I'll try and connect them to this page ASAP.

I hope everyone in New Zealand and whereever else are well. Feel free to leave me a comment, I can see that my page has had over 1300 views, with one of my posts being read (to date) 573 times. Incredible numbers!

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